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Kitchens are for conversations. They're not just for cooking...

My Amsterdam

AMS Food Studio

Food, to me, is always about cooking and eating with those you love and care for.

I offer a new dining experience, an alternative that sits between going to the restaurant and that cozy feeling of being at home. One table, 2-8 people, and a bespoke menu decided together with you.

AMS Food Studio pairs comfort and intimacy with challenging your mind and palate with fresh products, innovative ideas and new tools, but never forgetting a wink to the tradition.

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You can find me on Opentable to make a reservation.

Cooking for the big guy means loving, and that's why his food has the incredible power of making you feel genuinely good. When he cooks for me, wherever we are, I'm home.  -Arianna, his sister 

The quality of the ingredients, the originality of the recipes, the daring (but always deliciously right!) food combinations, the refined wine choices. You feel it too in the atmosphere he creates in his kitchen: fun, chilled, joyful. His enthusiasm is contagious and when at his place one has a taste of the fine Italian art of godersi la vita (enjoying life)! -Fabiana Bonica, friend

My Philosophy

My concept of cuisine is to start from the tradition, from those perfumes, those consistencies, techniques and combine them with whatever life surprises me with. New ingredients, new flavors, new tools. There is no boundaries in the kitchen if tradition and products are respected.

It’s the past which meets the present, it’s tradition that meets innovation, it’s the dining culture that meets the unknown.

The preparation of fresh pasta is a must that is handed down not only family women: even our men have failed to resist its charm. Suffice it to say that my father at the death of my mother, at the tender age of 75, began to try his hand with eggs flour and rolling pin !! The company is timely in a younger age, even by our children and grandchildren.  -Mamma Germana, on pasta making

I like to prepare dishes with a twist

One thing about taste: it needs to be balanced. A dish needs to combine a sweet note with a savory one and then bitterness, acidity, spiciness and freshness. From there, there’s a second balance that is about consistencies: a crunchy component, a creamy one.. The bite of the protein is usually the star of the dish. Why not a liquid or foamy consistency as well?

The difference between a chef and a cook is about how you find that equilibrium while walking on a tightrope of flavours and consistencies.

Using fresh ingredients

Sourcing local produce and meats from Amsterdam markets

The research and the supply of fresh products is essential not only in terms of taste and perfume but also in order to respect the customer, the environment and  above all the hard work of those who still believe in local ingredients, accurately farmed, bred and processed.

A good dish is the result of an equation which involves chef, tools and ingredients. Individual skills and talent are of course a huge component as well as techniques and kitchen equipment, but there is no dish without good ingredients.

It is for these reasons that we choose wisely our suppliers who are a significant factor on the overall result in our dishes.

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